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This is Royal Packaging
As a pioneering company in the industrial packaging industry our company’s core business has always been polyethylene films and plastic bags and our growth has been fabulous.  This pioneer spirit and industry expertise has developed over the past three decades of growth and accomplishments, including building a strong financial balance sheet.  Operating from our base in Southern California we strategically provide every service necessary to bring our products to the market quickly and efficiently, from our product development, creativity, customized packaging design, our quality products and product fulfillment, Royal is a customers complete packaging source!

Since our founding, we remain committed to providing quality products, be it our core business of polyethylene films, plastic bags, polypropylene films, printed or non-printed or any of our other industrial product lines, such as, corrugated boxes, labels and folding cartons.  Royal Packaging services continue to meet the changing needs of our client base, which now extends to nearly every sector of the U.S. economy.  Today, our packaging products can be seen in different industries throughout the nation such as, produce, cosmetics, clothing, agriculture, automotive, food, medical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, wine and many others.

Over the decades in our core business, we have manufactured hundreds of types and styles of polyethylene plastic bag products, such as, box liners, egg bags, dry ice bags, pallet covers, product bags, merchandise, newspaper bags and hundreds more.  We have been involved in the development of specialty films, such as, FDA, low density, high density, stretch, recycled, biodegradable, barrier, flame retardant and so many more.  At Royal our business is based on your needs to ship and distribute your products in today’s market place.  If we provide the service and quality products with a competitive price to our customers, our bottom line will always remain solid.  Our products and our wonderful staff of professional employee’s remains our recognized trademark in the packaging industry.

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