Keith Knight - CEO

Our CEO – Director of Sales & Marketing, Keith Knight has been in the packaging industry for over (30) thirty years.  He started as an Account Executive and has maintained most all of his personal
accounts during that entire time period by being a person of integrity, loyalty and believing that his word is truly his bond.  He is passionate about ecology, advanced technology and dedicated to the development of responsible packaging materials for future generations and our planet.

Keith is a strong family man, he is married to Gina for over (20 twenty years and has (5) five beautiful children.  Keith enjoys golf, tennis, traveling and reading.  When asked what Keith’s personal business philosophy is this “ If we provide excellent service, have good communications and outstanding quality with our customers, our bottom line will take care of itself.”


David Knight - President

Our President, David Knight is a second generation packaging industry professional for the past two decades.  David’s vision is to always be the best and provide customers with the best at the most competitive price and most efficient service in the industry.  David, like Keith, is one of those people that once you meet them you are a friend for life.  He is truly a bright spot in everyone’s day.  His smile lights up a room.  His strong leader-ship and dedication continues to move Royal Packaging forward with his own modern vision and
extensive knowledge of the new, progressive products and material.

David has (3) three children and enjoys his family time.  When not working in the company, David also enjoys golf, tennis and most any competitive sport.  The most important part of his character is his honesty, loyalty to family and his friends.

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